Rules & Information: RPL – Americas, Europa & APAC


IMPORTANT: Rules may change without notice, please review as frequently as necessary.

A.Standard Match Format

  1. Teams will assemble at the “RPL 1” (#YU9CV8LP)  or “RPL 2″(#QCJRYVY) clan as indicated, according to the time slot pre-arranged by the RPL organizers.
  2. Each war takes 40-45 minutes and consists of at least five players from each team. Each match will consist of three periods/sets, each set will consist of five games.
    • Period 1 = Start with at least five players (including up to a maximum of ten subs) who play one game each
    • Period 2 = Loser of Period 1 gets to globally ban one card which will persist throughout all subsequent matches.
      • If the loser would prefer not to ban a card and allow the match to remain free play they may do so at their discretion.
    • Period 3 = Loser of Period 2 gets to globally ban a second card. The ban from the second set will persist.
      • If the loser would prefer not to ban a card and allow the match to remain free play they may do so at their discretion.
    • Winner of two Periods wins the match
  3. The team representative or any authorized teammate is required to submit the player roster and the player sequence via Discord direct message to your match administrator or an administrator representative (if in doubt who this is please ask).
  4. Any game tied at the conclusions of overtime will be replayed once. If the game is tied a second time, the player with higher tower health total will be declared the winner.
  5. All five players must be present on “war day”. Player may leave the designated RPL clan as soon as their match is done. Player may also remain in the designated RPL clan until the match is concluded in order to spectate.
  6. Any unfulfilled/incomplete game will be deemed as a loss/forfeit.
  7. There will be moderators in the RPL clans to ensure the war proceeds smoothly and fairly. Please follow their instructions at all times.

B.RPL Americas Season IV Qualifier Match Format

Basic match structure will run largely the same as the standard match format described above, but has been modified to accommodate more teams for the qualifiers while also minimizing match duration.

  1. There will be no roster submission.
  2. All games in a period will take place simultaneously i.e. the five home team players will request to friendly battle and then five away team players will accept.
    • The loser of the first period (and if a necessary the loser of the second period) will become the away team for the next period as being able to choose who you play could be construed as a slight advantage.
    • Please note that all five matches must be requested for and accepted at the same time and, on a related note, no one player may play more than one game in a period.
  3. The team winning three games in the five will be declared the winner of that period.
  4. The loser will be given 60 seconds to choose whether to globally ban a card or maintain free play.
  5. There will only be a 60 second break in between each period to change decks and discuss potential tactics/strategies with your team outside of the in-game chat.
    • Chat should be kept clear to ensure match administrator messages are not missed.
  6. The team winning two best of five periods will be declared the match winner.

C.Season Structure
C1.Qualifiers –

  1. The tournament will begin with Qualifiers for new clans to try to get into the Group of 16. There will be 4 Bracket Groups in Qualifier played under the double-elimination structure.
  2. Two clans from each Bracket Group will receive a spot in the Group of 16. There are eight spots up for grab, the remaining eight spots are filled by playoff teams from the previous season.
  3. In each Bracket Groups, there will be 2 brackets, the Winner’s Bracket and the Loser’s Bracket. All clans will begin in the Winner’s bracket.
  4. Losing in Winner’s Bracket at any point will relegate the clan to the Loser’s Bracket, giving them a second chance to fight for a spot.
  5. The winner of the Winner’s Bracket and the Loser’s Bracket will each receive a spot to the Group of 16.

C2.Group of 16  –

  1. There are 2 Divisions. In each Division, there will be 8 clans, 4 from the previous season and 4 from the Qualifiers, all randomized.
  2. Each clan will have to war clan from the same Division once.
  3. The winning clan will gain two (2) points on the RPL ranking with each war won.
    • The defeated clan will not gain any points.
  4. At the end of the Group of 16, the top 4 clans from each Division will move on to the Playoffs.
  5. If two or more clans are tied with the same number of points, it will be decided via head-to-head tiebreaker.
  6. If the head-to-head result is a tie, the crown difference (total crowns gained, minus total crowns lost throughout the season) will be the 2nd tiebreaker criterion.

C3.Playoff  –

  1. The Playoff is in single-elimination format with 8 clans.
  2. The match-up will be seeded based on the clan’s final position in the previous stage, Group of 16.
  3. The winning clan will move on to the next stage.
  4. The defeated clan will be eliminated from the RPL playoffs.
  5. All teams that make the playoffs are automatically eligible for the Group of 16 the following RPL season.

C4.Intercontinental Cup (ICC)  –

  1. The winners of RPL Americas and RPL Europa will play each other for the grand prize in a standard RPL match.
    • The runner-up will receive the second place prize.
  2. The runners up of RPL Americas and RPL Europa will play each other for the third place prize in a standard RPL match.

D1.General Rules

  1. Intentionally disrupting the war (EX. repeatedly chatting after war has begun, utilizing in-game chat for trash talk etc.) will result in forfeiting the war. Repeat offenders will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • Surgical Goblin Rule: Wasting valuable Administrator time by intentionally extending the game when one player clearly has a means to end it will result in punishment fitting the crime, typically a suspension of length determined by RPL Management. Repeat offenders may be suspended for the rest of the season or even permanently banned from RPL.
  2. All registered participants are encouraged to join the designated RPL clan at least 15 minutes before their war starts.
  3. Players who cannot participate in their match need to be substituted. If no substitute is available, the clan has to proceed with the war and forfeit the match involving the missing participant.
  4. The RPL moderator must be informed of any last minute substitutions.
  5. Only clan representative is allowed to invite participating players into RPL clan.
  6. Only clan representatives and RPL moderators are allowed to use the in-game chat. Any participant found sending messages, requesting troops or unauthorized battle requests will receiving a warning for first offense, followed by forfeiting their match, followed by banned for 1 war, followed by banned for 3 wars, followed by permanently banned from ALL RPL tournaments.
  7. Substitution: Clans are allowed to make unlimited changes to their roster with players from anywhere. However, a player can only represent one clan per season. For example, if Player A played under Clan XYZ in any of the wars, Player A will be ineligible to play for any other clan during that same season. Use of an ineligible player will result in that player being banned for a period determined by the RPL management team and a loss of that game (if discovered before the end of the match) or the entire match (if discovered after the end of the match) for the team the ineligible player represents.
    • The purpose of this rule is to prevent bandwagon-ing, especially as the season progresses as teams are eliminated and to emphasis the team aspect. If one player represents several clans this easily leads to a degradation of overall RPL integrity.
  8. Star Wars Rule: Carrying a banned card in a deck, but never using it throughout the entire game is not considered to breach a ban and will not result in forfeiture of that game by the carrier.

D2.Further Rules & Reading

  1. A single player (including any affiliated accounts they have access to) may only play in RPL Americas or RPL Europa. The purpose of this is to encourage timezone consistency and fairness for all.
    • Any players caught violating this rule will be banned from RPL Americas and RPL Europa, while their team will vacate any wins and be disqualified from further competition in either RPL.
  2. Be careful not to accidentally join a match you aren’t supposed to. If the request is correctly formatted and you accidentally join it anyway, you may not be able to contest the match and it may count despite the mistake – in other words, make sure to only join the correct matches. Joining an incorrect match by mistake does not allow you to try that match again.
  3. The first offense will result in forfeiting the match and the second offense will result in forfeiting the war.
  4. Always wait for the RPL admin to let you know to proceed with any RPL matches. Don’t start without the RPL admin’s note, since the RPL admin needs to spectate the match.
  5. In general, be classy. Sportsmanship is a hallmark of fair competition, and karma eventually catches up with those who behave poorly. Keep taunting to minimum during matches and be respectful. It’s best to have a clean competition where only skill determines the winner. If you are discovered to be intentionally harassing another participant or trolling the general process, you and/or your team may be disqualified.
  6. Team no-shows will result in forfeiting the war. Player no-shows and not replaced will result in forfeiting that player’s match
  7. Spectators are not permitted inside the designated RPL teams–  only the participants and clan captain may join. Feel free to direct those who wish to watch to our affiliated streamers.
  8. Substitutes may stay inside the RPL clan until the missing players arrive. Potential subs (for players that are not missing) may be asked to leave.
  9. After war:
    • Please leave the RPL clan so that the next matches can take place.
    • Be graceful. Win or lose, always be respectful and appreciate your opponent’s efforts.

D3.Account sharing: Account sharing activities will be deemed as ban-able offense, any official complaint will be investigated. Doing so will result in the entire team being banned from RPL.

D4.Relegation: Teams eliminated before reaching the eight team playoff will have to go through the qualifying round the following season.

D5.Participation Agreement: Participating clans and players acknowledges that he/she has read and hereby agrees to the rules and regulations of Royale Premier League as listed herein.


  1. Each Team is to register at least five players.
  2. Each Team is only allowed to register once per group. Teams are allowed to register for both RPL Americas & Europa.
  3. Each player can only represent one Team in each season.
  4. Each player can only play in one region each season
  5. Registration must be accompanied with contact information.
  6. If an organizer does not contact you within 48 hours of your registration,
    please write to us at


Q: I’m a streamer/YouTuber/content creator. May I post content from this tournament on my channel?
A: There are no restriction at the moment, but it it is encouraged to notify the organizers if you intend to use any of the content. Please email us at

For any other inquiry, feel free to email us at