Pick a region your team would like to play in. Teams are allowed to register in more than one region. Players are free to play in any region regardless of where they live, however, they are restricted to play in only ONE region per season. Players are locked to a team and region for the season if they have played at least one game for the team.

Register for RPL Americas VI    Register for RPL Europa IV 

Register for RPL Asia Pacific II  Register for RPL Asia Pacific II (Japanese Form)
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How many players per team?
A: The matches are done in 5 v 5 format. However, you could have unlimited number of players in your roster as long as they have not represented any other team or played in another region within the same season.

Q: I’ve registered. What next?
A: Join our Discord server, @Management and let them know who you are and what team you are representing.

Q: My player(s) played in RPL Americas. Are they allowed to play in RPL Europa/APAC?
A: No. Players are region locked. They could only play for one team, in one region per season.

Q: I’m from U.S.A, can I play in Europa or APAC?
A: Yes, as long as you have not played for any team in any region within the same season.

Q: Do I have to submit my team’s roster?
A: You are only required to submit roster on match day.

Q: Do I have to pay to participate in RPL?
A: No. Collecting registration fee is against Clash Royale’s Tournament Guidelines. RPL is 100% free to enter.

Q: What are the rules and format?

Q: I don’t have a team! Help me!
A: Join our Discord server and go to the #recruitment channel.

Q: When is the first match?
A: We will announce the schedule on our Discord server via #announcement channel.

Q: Can I change my team’s name?
A: Yes. Just DM the @Management.

Q: I registered my team in the wrong region!
A: Inform the @Management or Admin, we will remove your team from the region.

Q: I can’t speak/type in English?
A: We have a translation channel called #translation_lounge on our Discord. Use our bot to communicate with us.

Q: What’s the prize?
A: The winner of RPL Intercontinental Cup will bring home the Grand Prize is estimated to be at USD$750 (according to the previous season’s prize pool). 

Q: Wait, what is RPL Intercontinental Cup?

Q: How long is a season?
A: Based on our past seasons, it is estimated to be 3-months long.

Q: I’ve missed the registration deadline! Help!
A: Try again next season. Follow us on Twitter @weareRPL, @RPLeuropa and @RPLapac for the latest news.

Q: Your league is awesome, I’d like to help!
A: Contact the respective region’s COO. Americas = Drew, Europa = Thunderstruck, APAC = Chisin

Q: I’m a content creator, I’d like to stream your league.
A: We welcome any content creator, however, priority will be given to our regular streamers. Please contact @Management.